Purple is, Obviously, the Worst

Melbourne bathroom renovationsI woke up this morning and decided that I hate purple. Ugh, can’t stand the sight of it, not any more. I’d been on something of a purple craze for the last month, having the whole place decked out in the stuff. Even had study #7 (my personal study) covered in velvet of that colour. At this point, I’m not sure what my feelings on velvet are, to be perfectly frank. I may just have to entirely start all over again on the place.

Sigh…it seems like I’m never done. I simply can’t be happy with the place the way it is, which I’ll admit partial responsibility for. But when Percy-dear has such connections, at least with Melbourne’s bathroom renovators, it seems a waste to just let them sit there. We have a few bathrooms in need of changes, after all. Just think what would happen if one of the girls came around, she used the bathroom and it was still the same one as before! Oh, the embarrassment! That happened once, at Patty Ferguson-Thomas’ garden party. I think it was Camellia Brenton who went to powder her nose and came back with such scandalous tales of the bathroom being exactly the same as when she’d been on a previous visit. The drapes hadn’t even been changed in style or colour. Such negligence!

So that’s one strong reason I have to keep on top of things. I often have the girls over, so the bathrooms are in a constant state of renovation, just bits and bobs here and there. But now, with my newfound hatred of purple? There are going to have to be some BIG changes. That said, I’ve always wondered what it would be liked to have a quadruple sink setup. Choice is the definition of luxury, as they say. I wonder, is that a common option for Melbourne bathroom renovations? I want to do something new, but I could very well be behind the times. I bet Daisy Templeton-Klein has five sinks, that absolute minx.


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